Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Kaleidoscopic Montage

When I first came here at USC-TC, the very first thing that made an impact to me is the church up in the hill. (Believe me, my mother never stops telling it to any family or friend.) As years passed, I always enjoy looking at the church. For me, this is a foolproof beacon of the Talamban Campus. Once you see the cross on the hill, you have reached USC-TC.

Yesterday, I was looking at it while waiting for dusk to settle. It had been a long day, and a long night ahead, so I decided to enjoy an inexpensive R&R. And lo! I was treated to an extravaganza of colors by Mother Nature.

It was around 6:03 PM, when I took my first picture of the church. The sun has not begun its descent yet.

Around 6:12 PM, just nine minutes later, a quiet explosion took place in the sky. Suddenly, the church is set against a montage of colors: vermillion and gold, purple and blue.

Then, just three minutes later, around 6:15 PM, the warm hues waned. The sun was starting to set in the far horizon. Slowly, the purple hues were starting to take over the sky.

Another three minutes after, 6:18 PM, the familiar color of dusk started to dominate. Night started to creep in. Crickets began to sing and mosquitoes commenced their dinner, with my leg as their main course.

In less than 20 minutes, Mother Nature made me forget my exhaustion. Such an exquisite delight to witness how nature paints itself, with the sky as its canvas, and the church at its foreground.

One day, I hope to duplicate this using my own paints.

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