Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Star for Mario

When the Super Mario-themed shoot came up, either a star or  mushroom would be the obvious prop. This won't be difficult to find as Jotay planned to use stuff toys. However, I realized it was one of those the-things-you-crave-are-just-out-your-grasp moments.

I scoured the toy stores at SM for a yellow star or purple mushroom; only to find a red stuff star with a pair of blue eyes and a smiling mouth (My apology for the lack of image for the red star. It was saved in my phone. Right now, my laptop has trouble connecting with my phone). Considering the time limitation, I decided to improvise.

Good thing, I have white felt-like fabric, luminous yellow Tulco paint, and black round buttons in my stock. I also have my handy glue gun and my brushes.

Using glue to attach the edges together, I covered the stuff star with the white felt-like fabric and painted the whole thing with luminous yellow Tulco. I glued the two, black round buttons on the surface, to complete the eyes.

The new look has some advantages. It added volume and ruggedness to the toy. The subject can comfortably hold it and its surface won't easily damage in a wooded area.

Now, we headed to the location for the shoot. Leona, who is a cosplayer, graciously posed as Mario. My favorite shot during that day is shown below.

Photo by Joel Locaylocay Photography
If interested on the rest of the shots, click on the link,, to bring you to the webpage of Joel Locaylocay Photography. Make sure you leave your mark if you like the page.

Lastly, I'll leave you with another picture of Mario's yellow star while lounging at my place.

More to come...

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