Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Paradigm Shift

If there is one thing I missed about high school, it would be the array of black boards serving as my canvas where I could display my art. I would be assigned to update blackboards for any announcements, birthday greetings, and events along with designing them. Since technology at that time was not as advanced as now (we still used the disk-operating system that time), colored chalks were  my medium.

Though such activities ate a lot of my time and would cause me to come home beyond my curfew (and earned Lolita’s ire), it was my fondest memory of high school.

It was in college when I decided to shift my focus to chemistry. It was not a matter of losing interest. It was a case of you-made-the-choice-face-the-consequences kind of thing. I realized the boards in the university weren’t at  my disposal obviously. Since I was on a tight budget, I cannot afford a sketchpad or any art materials. Plus, one cannot really excel or even pass chemistry with conflict of priorities. It is always chemistry or art. I chose the former.

I hid and sealed my art in a box.

Now, I decided to revisit my old interest.

I have blackboards I can use. But I decided to start with a paper and a graphite pencil. I understood I would be rusty from years of ‘inertness’. Indeed, my initial works were like of a child. However, I persist (with a Cheerio at my side) and on one night, alone in my room, I came up with a good drawing of a screw driver (Not a typical core-shaker, I know).

Damn, I’m screwed. I still have it.

After all.


  1. In your box? Are you Pandora? :)#

  2. Hmm..Hera is my cousin. Could be. :)

  3. I am glad that you have finally decided to unseal the box you've been keeping your artistic side in. You and the world will be better for it. May there be many more exhibits and sales in your future. All the best, P're.

  4. Now, it's a serious tone. :) Thank you. Know that you have been influential to it. I sure hope I'd have them in the future but right now, I'll stick to living in the moment. I wish the best for you too, P're.

  5. Oi Kwin, you finally took art classes diay? I honestly didn't see this interest pag-college nato. I am happy to see this other side of you...

    Hala pareho gyud ta Kwin nga gi-practisan ang mga school projects for our own brand of "art." Mo-cringe ko makadumdum sa akong mga projects kay pamugasay kaayo tanawn haha.

    I didn't know we were in the same boat pa gyud diay -- ang mga nasaag sa chemistry. I pursued a science course because I wanted to prove to myself that graduating from a science high school wasn't a fluke especially since I didn't pass the UP entrance exam nor the DOST test. I didn't have a sharp memory to make it through 4 years of biology. I didn't (still don't) have the aptitude to make it through physics, so nag-chemistry ko not knowing that there was such a thing as physical chemistry! Like you, gipanindigan nalang gyud nako even though I knew early on (as in first sem first year) that I won't likely pursue a career in chemistry or the sciences.

    What I really wanted to pursue was advertising but, at that time, advertising (in USC) was under Fine Arts. Unlike you, I couldn't draw a straight line (aided with a ruler) even to save my life so I ditched advertising for chemistry.

    Mo-undang nako kay murag mas taas na akong comment kesa imung post haha, pasensha na. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am glad to have you as a friend even if di ta magkita pirmi or magchika. You are one of the very few who showed interest in understanding my eccentricities.

    God bless Kwin! I will support you in your new path, gusto ka padalhan tikag 1 box of Mongol #2 ug kanang mga erasers na animals ang shape? :-)

  6. I think the blog explains why the interest wasn't visible. :)

    Thanks for the verbose comment, Mogs. I appreciate it. :)