Friday, July 15, 2011

Letting Go

Showing my artworks has always been a challenge to me. One, a tactless venomous tongue will simply lash out at my work. Duplicitous praises here and there may also come by. An indifferent shrug or being compared to another admirable individual whom I thought is better than me , can crush my spirit so fast.

Photo by Joel R. Locaylocay
Contrary to what most people think, I also have my own insecurities. At times, it shackled me and left me immobile for quite some time. My wise brain (modesty aside) has incessantly drummed me on the benefits of living at the moment and leading a devil-may-care attitude. It has its attractions.

However, letting go is never easy when one tried so hard to bring a semblance of control over a life twisted by fate.

But there comes a time that one has to let go if that is the only way to live.

For an introvert like me, walking and introducing myself to a bunch of artists is a huge step for me. But it pales in comparison when I have to show my artworks and get critiques from them. Several times, I experienced a mental block as to what to draw, fearing I may be not up to the challenge.

It was when we started using colors in class that I began to let loose. I stopped thinking on color combinations and just let my hands do the works. Then I started to see flowing lines and began using colors that I don’t normally find attractive before.
Photo by Joel R. Locaylocay
We have different ways on showing how to  let go. Mine, by creating beauty on canvas, colors and lines. But the objective never changes. We let go so we can experience life to the fullest.


  1. Putting one's work for the world to peruse is always a scary thing. There are bound to be a handful of tough critics who may do you more harm than good. Or worse, the apathetic praise from those who just want to show off what they know. But, I hope you tough it out, P're, because you will get genuinely constructive and helpful feedback from those who do care about your work. This is one risk well worth taking.

  2. Thank you, P're. I know there are people who have been kind and humble enough to dispense their wisdom for greater good. You are one of them. :)

  3. cuz, i like the butterfly painting so much. made me remember about the beautiful butterfly that hovered above me while i was doing my laundry the day before i gave birth to Alee. I hope you can draw that butterfly for me one of these days. I have a picture of it in my blogsite. ;) ..i'm so proud you are finally going after this dream. i love you.

  4. Thank you, cuz. :) I'm glad to have embarked into this journey finally. :)