Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Woman, Unchained*

Just as wars have been waged continuously in the history of mankind, abuses of women have been rampant in all races around the world. Even though , it is a woman’s hand that rocks the cradle, another chain binds the other.

I have personally witnessed different forms of abuse suffered stoically by women. I saw a woman whose voice is not heard by her own husband, a woman betrayed by her husband for a prostitute, and a woman whose tears flow at night as she suffers the body pains given to her husband because of an unfounded jealousy.

I know of a pregnant woman whose marriage she decided to end to protect her child from an abusive junkie, whose love she had blindly trusted.

I saw a girl abused by her own grandfather, who grew into an aloof woman whose pains she carefully hid inside. I know of an orphaned girl whose innocence was shattered by her own uncle.

I saw another girl who is tortured and belittled by her own mother.

These are just a few of the abuses women had suffered. However, it is not the form of abuse that shackled these women for life. It is the self-belief that they deserve the anguish. For if one has suffered such torment, one is bound to believe they deserve it.

Photo by Joel R. Locaylocay
And so this work of art is dedicated to ALL WOMEN who decided to free themselves from the crippling abuse and believe steadfastly that they, too, deserve the fullness of life.

This work of art is the project I had submitted during the culmination exhibit in my art class, on July 9, 2011. It was done on acrylic on a 24 cm  x 30 cm  triple gesso canvas. Surprisingly, this painting had caught the eye of the grandfather of my classmate, Stian. 

*The title of the painting was given by Mark Gary, the renowned film maker of Sandalang Bahay and Hubad. 

I miss this painting, spent several days on this. Thanks to Pareng Jotay for taking a photo of this woman before the exhibit. A wonderful piece of art, now a memory I would keep close to my heart (it has rhymed!).


  1. hmmnn makes me reflect, Bai.... I still know some women who have not yet decided to free themselves from the crippling abuses. I am not here to judge them. I don't have the hand to write & paint about them but I have the hand to embrace them with my love and support.

  2. I know you have an overwhelming capacity to love and support other people. And I am grateful for that.

    It takes time and courage to free one's self from abuses, bai, especially if a child is involved. Society still has to up its standards for women. But people like you have inspired victims to come out and make a life for themselves. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing the link to your blog... nag-wonder ko actually if inadvertent ba to or dili hehe.

    Bilib ko sa imung talent, Kwin. Panagad nya if even if sikat naka hehe. Nalingaw sad ko naghuna-huna nga inig magpicture taking btaw mo sa department, pwede ra gyud nimu pahawa-un ang uban taw, ingnun nimu drawingun nalang nimu sila :-)

    Initially, I thought the blog title was about you - a woman unchained from others' career expectations to embrace her passion. Hopefully I will be inspired by you to find time to pursue one of my many dreams. God bless!

  4. I am happy to have been a part of this piece, P're. It represents both a literal and symbolic triumph on your part. While it is true that not all women will be able to (or are willing to) unshackle themselves from the abuse, your courage to put this message out there will truly inspire many to do so.

  5. @Mogs: The title is for every woman and man who are shackled by lots of burdens to pursue their dreams. I am happy to inspire you and humbled by your belief in my talent. Thank you. :)

    @Jotay: I hope so too, P're. I hope I could make more of these. Thanks for the unwavering support. :)

  6. Thanks, Grant. :)Enjoy the long vacation ahead. :)