Friday, September 2, 2011

A Preview to Nude Art

To be able to draw a nude portrait has been on my bucket list when I re-started art. It would come as a surprise if you know me 15 years ago. Raised in a conservative family and awarded as one who emulates the virtue of Notre Dame, I hope I won’t be adjudged unfairly for this shift in interest.

This is not my first attempt to nude art, neither was the painting entitled “A Woman Unchained”. There has been several attempts in the past and I can say, modesty aside, that I have improved in my figure drawing.

But why nude?

Figure drawing has always been a challenge to me. One of the many ways my big brother devised to tease me when I was a kid was to draw me in an exaggerated size, making me look fatter than I really was. Though I wanted to get even, I can’t draw a human figure as good as my brother.

Not anymore. Shame on you, Kuya. :)

I read from a book that to be able to draw a person, sketching them in nude is an excellent starting point. It makes sense for when a person is naked, the lines and muscle tones are very much visible and distinguishable. No clothing will distract the artist’s view.

And if I may be poetic about it, the human body is a beautiful masterpiece. If  an artist will be able to draw it on canvas, it would be tantamount to paying homage to our Creator.


  1. To pursue some certificates that was supposed to entitled me as a graduate, me had to lock away My art in a deep distant it lay in rest, covered in dust.
    wish i could draw once again as i used to b when i was a kid.

  2. It isn't too late. You can resume from where you have left off. Thanks for reading my blog. :)

  3. ui..kinsa model nimo ani tita?? :))

  4. I made this during art class. My classmates chose a photo in a book and we drew it on our sketchpads. Thanks for reading the blog, Ming. :)

  5. mam, ngindut ni sha e vector art,, na suya ku kai wai kui interest parihas ani, bantug ra naka sense ku naai jud kai something mam dili ra about chemistry,, mau ni gi tawag alternative talent :) hehe

  6. Thanks, Rome. Don't know what vector art is. I would have to look it up and maybe you can show me how it is done. :) Yeah this one is an alternative to teaching Chemistry.

  7. Great piece, P're. Your grasp and mastery of proportion has indeed come a long way. I look forward to more of your work (especially personal projects) in the future.