Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Take Home

Filipinos are very fond of taking home leftovers from parties. There are special reasons for these.

One, there are many leftovers during the party.

Two, the partygoers rain so much praises on the banquet that the host is so flattered that she has to pack some for these people.

Three, (and this particularly happens if your mother is my Ma), if your host is your mother, she would pack for an army so you won’t starve for days. But you would see her the following day.

CenterpieceLast Saturday,  I took home a different kind when I dropped by the celebratory party of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) that coincides with the birthday celebration of its dean, Dr. Ramon S. del Fierro.

After our lunch, my friend Jinky was quick enough to ask Sir Monch-kins the centerpiece on our table. Since I know my friend is not the type to fuss on flowers, I asked from her the centerpiece and took it home.

And here it is in watercolor. I hope I did justice to the ornament for these are beautiful flowers that mirror the kind heart and strong disposition of Dr. Ramon del Fierro himself.


  1. Great work on the shadows, P're. I especially like how there are gradations in the gray.

  2. Thanks, P're. I achieved that not with a brush but good old cotton balls. :)

  3. Flowers are such an eye candy for the weary...

    "Take-homers" are aplenty in the Philippine banquet table. They cut across social class and boundaries. I love the sort that keeps an inconspicuous plastic container always handy. So earth-friendly.