Friday, August 12, 2011

Color Dilemma

Picture this in mind: A man breezing through the hallway in white pants and shoes and blue dress shirt. I must admit I have seen a man like this before and I know him. Can’t believe he was wearing a Christmas green polo shirt and a golden brown corduroy pants with brown sandals (and navy blue socks showing) while clutching a black bag ten years ago.

True, colors can be intimidating.  My good friend, Ising, would spend a good amount of time to plan her wardrobe for the whole week. From the color combination of the clothes down to the accessories to be used.
It is understandable for who’d want to be  the topic in a conversation of two individuals you don’t even know.

“Unsa man na iyang  gisul-ob uy? Green na gani ang blouse, green pa jud ang slacks.”

“ Murag sagbot sa kadalanan.”

When I first dipped my brush in acrylic paints, I was definitely intimidated. For one, I didn’t understand Andreas’s instructions. Then, my meager knowledge on color harmony has seemingly dissolved in acrylic. It’s no wonder I got this as a result:

A work of art a Kindergarten can very well improve. I could still see the hard look Andreas gave to my piece, trying to come up with a suggestion to save my work.

But on the second try, my meager knowledge on harmony has recrystallized out from the acrylic medium. Some of my teacher’s instruction was becoming clearer to me as I got used to his accent. I made this piece before I called it a night.

This may look like another poor attempt to abstract but I initially planned to make this look like a ribbon. Then as the night went on, it became an eagle then a snake. As of now, I don’t know what this is but it gave me confidence to try my luck  at home.

This led me to this piece.

Photo by Joel R. Locaylocay
I can think of a lot of reason why this is not good. For one, the paper was not suitable for wet techniques as it wrinkled due to excess water. There is too much blue and I was afraid I would lose all my paints (It does show I am still greenhorn to this! )

Nevertheless, I passed the first stage of acrylic painting. It may be a low-pass, but still, it is a PASS.

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  1. starring man diay ako name diri :D daghana pud nimo ug gi-post na pictures uyyy... maglibog ko ug comment hehehe :) anyways, I can see the improvement jud. But wala lang pud jud ko kasabot sa "from a ribbon to an eagle to a snake" work of art nimo, bai! abi ko kigwa hehehe! But I like the choice of colors :)