Saturday, November 5, 2011

Byways Along Our Highway

It has been a long time since I made an update. There is only one post for October and if I am starting a pattern, this might be my only post for November. I certainly hope not.

Let me share with you this ink drawing I named Highway. Even though this won’t earn me a P5,000 cash or a P5 coin, this piece has a special meaning to me.


During my month-long absence, I realized some points in my life. One of which is that we are all travelling on a highway. Some travels in groups. Others with a partner. And there are those that travel alone. They are referred as “the lone wolf”.

Different we may be, our inherent curiosity often prods us to check out the byways, the little roads we see that littered along the highway. And this is when the journey becomes interesting. For just like a game, each turn can break or make us. It might bring tears on our eyes or laughters in our lips. It can teach us to fight or die. It may consume us.

In the end, we find ourselves moving towards the direction of the highway. Given the patience of time, we reach the main road. But whatever we have experienced in the byways, we know we are no longer the same person at the start of the journey.


  1. (for the lack of a better expression....)
    omg.. (in a very complimenting way)

  2. TY, Leif. For lack of suitable response. :)

  3. P're, let me just comment on the site appearance for now. The gray is a nice touch. It makes for a much more soothing read.

  4. Thanks, P're, for the positive feedback. I wasn't initially sure if it will work. I'm glad it did. :)

  5. The red that I see on my screen resembles the Aggie maroon. Reminds me of my good ole days at Texas.

    How's the move-out? I hope it went well...I bet it did since you managed to spruce up your blog :-)

  6. Thanks, Jack, for dropping by on my blog. The move-out went well. Took us less than hour to reach my new nest. :) The blog has been spruced up a week ago. I only managed to update it last night. :)