Monday, November 21, 2011

Nocturnal Wish

Nocturnal Wishes

For more than a week now, I have been besieged with sleepless nights. Oftentimes, I drifted off to sleep around one or three in the morning and woke up around six, in time for work. To tire my mind out, I watched movies or read books. But this is a tricky strategy especially if one is wearing eyeglasses.

There was a time last week when I slept as early as eight in the evening. I just came home from working at the lab and hit the sack, dead to the world. But I woke up as early as two in the morning. Unable to sleep anymore, I did some works, played some games and at the end, watched the battle of night and dawn.

But something mystical happened on Saturday night. It was way past one and my mind was very much awake. I tried different positions just to get comfortable enough to catch a wink. Defeated, I watched an episode of Fringe.  While Olivia Dunham and the rest of the actors try to figure out how to save our universe from destruction, my eyes glanced towards the window.

Something white flashed against the black night. It was curved at the edge.

It was a quarter moon.

I smiled. This is one perk of my new place. It has been ages since I slept while watching the moon. Then I forgot Peter and Walter Bishop. Or even Agent Broyles.

I’ve crossed slumber-land.

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