Thursday, December 8, 2011

Belen in the Lab

Belen in the Lab It’s December once again. ‘Seems like it was just last month when a knife fell on my head when the pumpboat I rode in was navigating along turbulent waves the day after New Year. Once more, Christmas is fast approaching.

Finally, after juggling my schedule between classes and research, I finally found an excuse to sit down and use my Faber-Castell 48 colored pencils. I know my friend, Jack, will be green with envy.

The piece would have taken me an hour to finish but an unfortunate little boy (we’ll call him Budoi from Grade 1 section 10) forgot his sling bag at the office so I had to help him out. The glasswares are part of an orchestra I play with in the lab lately. I decided to arrange them to depict the nativity scene, inspired by the pervading season in the air.

This is not exactly my favorite time of the year. A lot of bad memories in my life happened at this season. However, there are those small number of memories that give me light feeling and even a happy glow.

Because of them, I am giving Christmas another chance this year.


  1. To paraphrase a John Lennon song: Give Christmas a chance, Quin. Try singing "Holly Holiday" with us, your crazy carrel-mates. Promise, I won't steal your FC-48 set. Not just yet...

    To add accent to your drawing, perhaps, you may add an adoring mouse instead of the missing Christmas sheep and shepherd :-)

  2. I love the concept of using glassware to depict the Nativity. Although, I'm wondering who the beaker (with the stirring rod) in the background is. :-)#

    We may not have the same memories of Christmas, P're, but I hope that you give it a chance to reveal its wonder and warmth to you.

    Great post.

  3. @JHB: You're right. I was thinking on how to depict the sheeps and shepherds. I forgot I could place my mice. Thanks for that suggestion, Hess.

    @Jo_L: P're, The beaker served as a holder for the stirring rod. The rod stands for the staff of Joseph. :)

  4. Nice, Bai! while the mice will serve as the sheep? what about the 3 Kings? :D

  5. Bai Ising, Holy Family lang sa ta karon. When 25 is near, I'll complete the scene. :)

  6. Mam naa lge ko feeling kinsa c "Budoi"... kaila ko ana nuh??? hehehehe (^^,)

  7. Oo. Kaila ka. Nanglibre man gani to ug iced tea. :)

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  9. I already did. But I will send it again just in case. :)