Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Growing up was never easy for me. For one, the social behavior of people have perplexed me to the point of intimidation. Often times, I find myself more of an observer, seeing people -friends and enemies alike- through a looking glass. At those times, words start to string in my head and my thoughts are given shape in the form of poetry, another priceless creation inside my art box.

In the warm darkness of your world, I
Felt your disquietude, an anxious sigh
On your head, you wore a shroud of shame,
Reek of dread to bring a lass into a disgraceful game.
Growing up, you made me feel I am feeble,
Intelligent yet a sloth, so unreliable;
Vaqueros, I fought to win your praise
Exhausted I lost to niƱos the vaqueros have raised.
You have gone through hell, you said,
Once, you hoped for the Reaper but I came instead,
Unceasing, you have loved me yet you feared
My rejection to your life, so unjustly seared.
A broken sparrow, I could only forgive.


  1. Great work, P're. Hope and melancholy seemingly melded into one moving piece.

    1. Thank you, P're. I was actually reluctant to publish this but I can say proudly that this is one of my best.