Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Weekend Mix

Most of my works were mostly done by charcoal, watercolor, and acrylic. I hadn't done anything that mixes different media. Inspired by an Indian artist, Ajay De whom I have read over a copy of Reader's Digest, I decided to use acrylic paints and charcoal in my piece.

I was thinking of what could be my possible subject when it dawned on me that I haven't made a follow-up on my post A Preview to Nude Art. This would also be an opportunity for me to practice on my figure drawing, particularly on my proportion problem. 

It helps that a lot of fine art nude photography websites are available today. I scouted for my subject that I could draw and incorporate a part of  my concept in it. I decided to choose a photo entitled Apples by Imants Silkans (Kindly click on the name to direct you to the website.) done in black and white.

During the whole weekend, I labored on this piece. The best part was doing the charcoal. Before, I used a torchon or a spreader to disperse the charcoal and create interesting shadows. Now, I used my hands! They got dirty; like charcoal powders were found underneath my nails but it was so much fun! When using hands, powderize first the charcoal before applying and spreading it on paper.

And now, here it is:

A Phantom in my Slumber
As each element was added, a piece of me was taken as well. Yet, when I looked at the progress I made and now, its finished look, I feel happy and light. Something that I would carry with me as I start another week and face another challenges at work.


  1. A well-endowed callipygian creature...

    1. That is the last thing I thought you would notice, Hess. But I did make sure she is not lacking in that area. :)

    2. The Greeks certainly knew how to flatter their women. :-)#