Sunday, July 15, 2012

"Minda"-nian Adventure

My good ol' friend, Minda, came to Cebu City last month and invited me to stay overnight in one of the posh local hotels. Along with her colleagues, I joined her for dinner.

One of the perks of being Minda's friend, aside from meeting a showbiz personality out of the blue, is to be looped into an adventure. And with Minda's adventures, you just can't say no, because you don't have time to say so. For all you know, you're right in the smack of it.

When we were at the basement parking lot of the hotel, Minda was babbling about leaving me in her room while she attend to a meeting to polish the plans the following day. Amidst Minda's babbling, we turned the wrong way and ended up in the hotel's KTV bar. If I were to believe in omens, that should be the sign.

We were directed to the elevator that would bring us to floor where Minda's meeting will be held. Unfortunately, we ended up to another parking lot; this time, with a scarce number of automobiles. Since, that was in a nearby floor to where Minda planned to go, we decided to try the fire exit.

Seeing the almost vacant parking lot, Minda jokingly recalled those horror movies she participated in and went straight to the door marked EXIT. And this is where the adventures started.

As we climbed the flight of steps, we realized that the door in each landing we passed don't open from our side. Optimistically, or more like naively, we continued our clim as the odor of turpentine starts to saturate the atmosphere. Any minute, it would also saturate our brain. The possibility of passing out, undiscovered, spurred us to look for an open door.

Then I found a small door. It reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, only the door here is taller but narrower. Upon opening the door, it was so dark and I could make out wood pieces strewn all over the place. It doesn't help that Minda almost shrieked.

When the images of Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer came to mind, I told Minda that we were lost and trapped. Minda almost hit me in the head and dramatically said "We have been lost. Have you realized it now?". We decided to go back. Even though, I myself began to worry, Minda's frantic phone calls were more interesting to watch.

Minda called the guy who drove us to the hotel, asking for help. Amidst the reeking smell of turpentine and the possibility of passing out, Minda's phone lost its signal just when she was talking to the guy!!!! We had the makings of a good terrifying story; only if we get out of this trap to share the tale.

For those who knew Minda since high school, you would know how she'd look when we found the right door. Words escaped me, or I just don't want to embarrass Minda. Both of us let out a loud whoop when we found ourselves in the parking lot where the adventures began.

We laughed ourselves out, until our stomachs hurt. We were both relieved to be free, safe and alive Then her phone rang; the guy who drove us to the hotel checked if we're fine.

This time, Minda and I rode the correct elevator. She gave me the key card for the room. When asked what room she is in, she thought for awhile.

Then she replied, "It's the room two doors away from the elevator. It's at the right side. I think it's 2201 or 2207. You're smart. You can figure it out."

Minda said this with a straight face. While a stone seemed to drop in my gut, My adventure for the night is not over yet.


  1. Great premise for a novella. Love the clincher at the end...

  2. kaloka ka Queenie,grabeng katawa ko dire. ;p ang galing mo daw magsulat sabi ni JP. ;p

    Hmmn speaking of the man who drove us home, date kayo?


    1. Hey, Kigs. I'm glad I made you laugh. Kindly thank JP for me.

      I haven't heard of him, kigs. How would I date him? Kaloka ka rin. :)