Monday, July 8, 2013

A Dark Crown for a Lovely Woman

My good friend, Jotay, had roped me into making props for his themed-shoots. That was almost a year ago. Now that the props are starting to accumulate in my room, I decided to share how they are made. Hopefully, someone will learn from my posts or I get constructive critiques.

I'll start on one of the recent props: the crown of the Dark Queen.

To give you a background, the shoot centered on one of our students, Amor. Jotay and she agreed to show her in a different light, something far from her usual exuberant self, thus, the Dark Queen.

Jotay asked me to make a suitable crown. I decided to make use of the teeming informations online. YouTube has been helpful. A lot of do-it-yourselfers have published their videos and with enough patience, one can get inspiration and useful ideas.

In this particular crown, I used a black headband I found lying in one of my boxes. Using floral wires, I shaped them into spikes and applied glue (via glue gun, so you have to be extra careful when trying this at home..) around them. The good thing about glue is they can be easily shaped and re-shaped, depending on your imagination and tolerance to heat. I suggest you wet your fingers with water to absorb the heat from the hot glue (but this may not be enough). A wet towel is an added precaution.


Once I have my spikes, I tied them around the headband, creating my desired design. More glue was added to serve as a base.

When the spikes were in place, I painted the whole crown with black acrylic. As a final touch, little silver flowers with black center were used as embellishment.

You can check the results of the shoot by clicking on this link and while you're there, don't forget to like the page. If interested for a themed shoot, you may contact Joel Locaylocay through the contact details on his page.

More to come....


  1. The dark queen's crown is made up of the fingers of her fallen enemies. :D

    I have not been here a while.

    Mental note: Place in reeder app list.

    1. That would be a good and sinister element to the story of the Dark Queen. :)

      Thank you for taking time to read my posts. Your blog has always been delightful.:)

    2. The crown is organic. We may have to write it off as a symbiotic organism.
      The fingers are slowly consumed by the crown organism.
      They burn off faster when the dark queen uses the powers the crown bestows. (e.g. disintegration, teleport, darkness, etc.)

      The crown actually eats anything but given the size of its orifices, fingers are the best fit.

      I think that should start of the Dark Queen back story.

      Strangely the pics of the crown fired up my neurons.

      The black and white pic didn't. :(