Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's Morphin' Time!*

With Dr. Ramon H. Brown in tow, chancing upon a butterfly, while mulling over the snobbish busy bee, made my Sunday morning a memorable gift. I always approach this creature with reverent silence for its metamophosis has truly been awesome.

Just like the transformation of a caterpillar, my life has gone through the same change: from a girl afraid of failure and struggling to fit in, to an independent woman who has a good sense of control. I still fear and strive not to be in the outside looking in. But now, I know these do not have to define who I am. Mustering courage, I can always soar, alone or not, among the flowers in the garden called life.

*For those who were born later than I was, this is the callout of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Zeo Rangers before they transform from ordinary kids to superheroes.

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