Friday, November 1, 2013

Dexter's Madness

Last September, one of my favorite TV series, Dexter, had just ended. Its ending may not appeal to everyone but it bears some rumination. For one, the famous TV serial killer didn't die and was not killed by lethal injection. Instead, he staged his own death to pave self-exile from the people he loves dearly. The absence of intrapersonal communication and hallucinations of Harry magnified the impact of his self-exile. These acts are his way of self-examination that prevents him from giving in fully to his dark passenger.

The audience would expectantly clamor for justice to be served. Death by lethal would be appropriate for Dexter. But death itself, is liberation.

Dexter chose the punishment he deserves; a desolate life fit for the dead. For a living person, that is worse than death.

As I dabble in abstract art, this piece, I called Dexter's Madness, is my tribute to the end of the famous TV serial killer.


  1. When I look at abstract art, I normally see other images. Or it could just be my wild imagination.

    laughing girl - upper right corner
    Man dragging dead giant lizard - upper portion
    Huming bird - middle right area

    Stop looking Chay.


  2. The second image is unexpected. That must be a product of your wild imaginations. :)

    Thank you for dropping a line (or two). :)