Monday, November 4, 2013

Second Chances

There is a story behind this piece (well, a lot of my pieces are). But this one is a classic example of if-it-doesn't-work-the-first-time-set-it-aside-and -get-back-to-it-later.

I started the green background a year ago. It was one of my attempts to create an abstract piece that appears more spontaneous and less structured. This was painted on a 12" by 18" Canson watercolor paper. However, I realized 30 minutes after, that the piece is not going to work. It lacked structure (what I'm attempting for in the first place) and direction as well. At some point, one part of the piece looked like a gay Lochness monster (no offense to the LGBT group). Since the work was going nowhere, the painting was set aside and waited until my mind finds clarity to decide on what to do next.

A year later, I revisited the painting. I cut the piece into two, figuring that each part can survive alone. A technique has been playing on my mind before the semestral break and I'd like to try it out. The portion which has the Lochness monster didn't survive. Surprisingly, the technique worked well on the other portion, which is the one above.

There are still other pieces waiting for my attention. I hope to get back to them one day and they will be given proper time under the sun, just like this abstract art I called Second Chances.

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