Thursday, October 10, 2013

Busy as a Butterfly (Bee)

While working as VAL at Joel Locaylocay's Photography, the butterflies and bees at locations have captivated me. These creatures have always been busy, alighting from one flower to another, oblivious to any two-legged creature walking around. Somehow, they have found ways to tolerate any human beings.

Perhaps, I could be wrong. They might be talking about us, like wondering why a woman with a camera is down on her knees while taking a picture of their fellow butterfly, resting on a half-foot tall weed.

Much as they held me in awe, a lot of questions ran through my mind as well.

Do bees experience paranoia or distrust, considering the number of people loitering in the garden?

Do butterflies really feel fragile and afraid a human hand might crush them to pieces?

Do these creatures ever get tired while working in the same garden everyday?

If the answers to these are all yes then, I should take a leaf from their books. Despite being haunted by the daily grind, they still manage to emanate beauty, serenity and peace, that soothes even the most troubled soul in the garden.

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