Sunday, February 9, 2014

Route to Anonimity

This shot was taken at Popoo, Pres. Carlo P. Garcia in Bohol. I was waiting for the outrigger that will take me to the mainland where I can journey back to Cebu.

Since my parents moved to Bohol eight years ago, I usually take a pumpboat from Cebu and sail for 4-5 hours (depending on the weather) to the island. Much as I'd like to see aquatic vistas, they started to bore me, not to mention, there were times I arrived to my destination, wet.

In one of my trips last year, I missed my ride and decided to travel in a more circuitous route. I rode a habal-habal to a barangay called Popoo and from there, I crossed to Union, Ubay for 20 minutes or less, on a small pumpboat. From Union, I rode a tricycle to the Poblacion so I can catch a jeepney to Talibon. From Talibon, I rode a V-hire to Tubigon, passing Getafe and Clarin.

Another option I have is to ride a V-hire from the Poblacion to Tagbilaran, passing Jagna and Garcia-Hernandez. Both routes give me varying panorama from land, sea, and air.

Between the two, I prefer the Tubigon route. One, the ferries in Tubigon are available every hour at a cheaper price than those in Tagbilaran. Two, ferry ride from Tubigon to Cebu is shorter by 45 minutes. Three, if a tropical depression hit the island, I can count on one of my students to save my ass. :)

If one compares the cost of each trip to my usual route, the Tubigon and Tagbilaran routes are more costly. But the landscapes I passed, the wind clearing my head, and the cloak of anonymity surrounding me, they are priceless.


  1. Let me get this straight. You went to Popoo via Effing Effing? Uh never mind. Don't approve this comment.

    1. Dude, can't change the name of the place. It's named that way before I was born. :)