Monday, February 10, 2014

Catch Me If You Can

As the last weekend had been busy, I decided to take a walk in the nearby woods. I chanced upon a wild flower (as I don't know its name, pardon me, Bio majors) and decided to take a picture of it. I was trying to focus my lens, only to realize that a butterfly was resting on its flimsy, tiny petals.

Ever heard of hands shaking, so to set the correct exposure? I felt that way at that time. Realizing that a titan with a camera is just nearby, the butterfly flew and teasingly settled from one flowering plant to another. 

I decided to leave it alone when I finally got the shot above and headed deeper into the woods. I was on my way up when another butterfly, same species as the one I initially spotted, flew across my path.

Then a play of catch ensued.

I couldn't get enough of this creature that I followed it wherever it rests, clicking my camera all the way. At the end, I was breathless, almost skidded from the moss growing in the rocky steps but, that was fun. No wonder, Little Red Riding Hood got lost in the woods.

Perhaps the little tease had enough fun watching me heaving around, it alighted on one of the little flowers, long enough for me to get this shot. 

That's one bokeh to reward my exhausting plight and a boon as another week begins.

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