Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wishes On Copper

For the past weeks, I have been struggling on getting inspired. I felt that the muse who has driven me to create had finally left the building. Much as I want to 'let loose' or 'let art unfold before me', the results would always be a bizarre combinations of lines and colors, which I might on as abstract. But who am I kidding? Abstract isn't just a mixture of colors and lines. There should be harmony that emulsifies those two. 

One Sunday, I passed by the paints section of National Bookstore and saw tubes of copper paint. Interesting. That color would look good on a man's figure. Think..copper-skinned man. Yum! So, I bought a tube. Then beside it, I saw a bronze paint! Think...a bronze-skinned man. Somebody turned on the AC! I included the bronze paint in my cart and passed the books of Fifty Shades of...I could make my own version of it one day. Inspiration..don't leave me yet!

Excited with my find, I went straight to work. I drew a man's figure on a watercolor paper. However, the paints don't seem to  work well with the paper. Let's talk about affinity and polarity. They just don't stick. Yeah, I was disheartened and set them aside for awhile.

Last weekend, I decided to get my hands paint-dirty. My plan was to get to know the paints. I primed the paper with titanium white (no time for a gesso) and applied the copper on it afterwards. The sun came out...it's working! I continued covering the whole paper with copper and observed how it blends. Then I made simple balloon drawings, using medium yellow. Mars black did the shadows. 

The results..Ta da!

This weekend, I'll try out the bronze paint. Who knows, I might be able to get my own version of Fifty Shades with my man, Pete. 

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