Sunday, September 16, 2012

Down the Memory Lane

Aside from dosing off while getting inked, my tattoo reminded me of something else: hiding out in my apartment, went out only to buy food. I know a lot of people get bored (or go crazy) when confined inside the room for a day (how much more if it's a week) but the experience had given me a good amount of time to practice my sketches ... and I made a lot!

In fact, I am sharing some of the sketches I made. These are famous celebrities. Warning to the fans! In the event that you feel these sketches haven't truly represented your idols, I claim to be in the early stage of my art career. You can't fault a newbie. That would be a complete injustice. :)

Here is my version of George Clooney:

I know you'd say it didn't come close. So I tried again.
This looks closer. But I feel like he resembles more of Lito Legaspi. Ha? He is the father of Zoren Legaspi. I know, there goes my age.

Here is another one:
Every fan of the TV series Bones should know this guy: David Boreanaz. It took me a long time to draw his lips. Until now, it looked like that of a plastic doll.

Then a pirate came a-strutting. 
You have to give it to me. This one does look like Johnny Depp.

Last one, I tried out a lady-model. Who else could she be, but the Tomb Raider herself. 

One can never mistake those full lips of Angeline Jolie. 

I made these few years back. So many changes had taken place. I took an art class, sold a painting or two, made a lot sketches and paintings, and met new friends and acquaintances. I have grown.

Drawing can be learned. Once you are into that road, don't quell that creativity. Nourish it for it's a gift. 

To end this post, let me leave you something I made for myself.

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