Saturday, June 9, 2012


My piece called Inner Passion had generated interesting comments from people. They have seen a number of images out of an abstract piece. One said the piece looked like the sun while another said, it looked like a navel. My three good friends unanimously said, it reminded them of a woman's breast. (and no more on which particular part.) 

These comments inspired me to create another abstract piece. It took me the whole summer to finish this due to  work and other responsibilities. Interestingly, when I started taking its photos for this post, I realized that a variation in its layout may also evoke a different interpretation.

I planned to entitle this as Catharsis. Now, I am no longer certain what its name, as I am overwhelmed on which layout I like more. Maybe, this is the allure of abstract art that have drawn artists. I can now see the freedom it bestows. There is no exact ending. Each line takes you to a different dimension. Each brush stroke unveils a new part of you. 

For a control freak like me, it can be overwhelming but surprisingly, it can be liberating at the same time. 

Now, I am very much interested on what you think about the piece. Don't worry, I have meager psychology background so I won't be psychoanalyzing your comments. It will be fun, reading your interpretation on the piece at the comment section.  


  1. I like the use of colors, shapes, and space in this piece. I agree that changing the orientation in which the piece is presented gives the viewer a different perspective. Great job, P're.

  2. They remind me of jellybeans.. or caramelized jelly beans melting with summer.. as classes resume..
    Tsk2. My emotions are tempering my interpretation. :3

    1. Thanks, Patty, for dropping a line. I appreciate your interpretation. Never thought of jelly beans I can see where you can get the melting interpretation. :)