Monday, March 5, 2012

Inner Passion

Inner Passion

Some people are born in the light while some first saw darkness. While people use light to reach their destination, some people grope in the dark, looking for that beacon; to find reason for their mere existence.

Darkness sows fear. The shadows inspire weakness. And the weary traveller latches on the next mortal, sucking them dry like a vampire to its prey.

But the beacon has never been hidden behind the far horizon. It is secreted within the soul. We call this passion.

When given the right amount of time and nurture, the passion inside will burst into life, dispelling the darkness within.

This time, fear no longer holds power. Shadows reveal fellow travellers.

Hold on to that passion, then and do not lose it. Once it has taken root, one does not have to justify his existence. We only have to live the life we are gifted with.


  1. I believe you've found your niche in abstract art, P're. Great work.

    1. Thanks, P're. Your compliment is inspiring. Knowing the varied interpretations of the people who have seen this was fun and enlightening, as well. :)