Thursday, October 23, 2014


My friend, Jonah, visited me last summer. She stayed here in Cebu for a week and we had the chance to catch up. She commissioned me for a painting, like the first one I sold. Given her time schedule, I told her I can't make one at the drop of a hat. I promised her next time she visits, I would make one for her. 

When she returned to Canada, Jonah told me her friend is going home to Cebu and would be back in August. If my schedule allows, she commissioned me for a female nude painting as a surprise for her girlfriend. 

Jonah has been one of my few friends since high school. I couldn't really say no to her. June came, I racked my brains for inspiration while arranging the transfer of my parents back to Gensan. July was ushered in, the inspiration still eluded me. When July was about to end, and news from home start to become ominous, adrenaline kicked in.


I delivered this piece to Jonah's friend, an hour before she headed to the airport. Two days later, Jonah gave this to the special woman in her life. This was received with love and fondness. 

As for me, this is my first painting to cross the Canadian border.

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