Thursday, June 12, 2014

An Omen to Behold

This happened many months ago, before the summer of 2014. I came home from work, exhausted. I lied down to rest and this caught my attention.

In my old room, I mounted my paintings on the wall, purely to enjoy looking at the fruits of my creativity. It was that fateful afternoon, when a light from a setting sun strayed into the blinds and to my artwork, A Phantom in my Slumber.

I considered this as an omen. 

From that day on, I promised myself never to wander away from my artistic pursuit. You see, I always say I'll finish my Master's first, or write my report, prepare an exam, or let my depression run me over. Lately, or for the last year, these pursuits have exhausted me. Each day, I told myself, this isn't the right time.

There is one thing I realized after all these years. The right time is not somewhere in the future. The right time is now. If I don't act on my dreams now, life will just pass me by like an old silent movie. I'll get old and sadly wondered how it feels to follow another avenue of dreams. 

From that day on, I started painting again. Months later, I made several abstract pieces and three of which are up for sale. As of this writing, one piece has been sold, and another has been reserved and being prepared for shipment.

I know the coming months will be exhaustive. Choices would have to be made. And there will be times, I'll fall off the wagon. But I know, I can dust myself down and get back on again. 

For now, I'm just glad I am starting to live my life. 

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