Saturday, November 10, 2012

Art Affirmation

We all need affirmations; positive declarations from family and friends. If I'll be scientific about these, affirmations are like catalysts, providing us another perspective so we can make decisions over something we are ambivalent about, muster convictions over a choice we made or simply propel ourselves out of our gloomy nook and into the light of day.

 My life is like a roller-coaster ride that I often find myself overwhelmed and dreading the next turn. I also need my own dose of affirmations. But I cannot rely solely on my family and friends for each dose. I need to have my own source; that when the coaster makes the upturn climb, I have something to hold onto as it takes another breathtaking plunge.

Now as I turned into another year, I am grateful that my art provides me this much-needed affirmation and a reminder at the same time, that I may have failed at some point in my life but I'd never be a one-trick pony.

And now let me share an affirmation I learned from my favorite TV series Sex and the City:

Happy birthday.

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